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Ya down with HCG? ya you know me

Okay so I finished the Whole 30, felt great and then the celebrations started rolling in. I went off the wagon hard and found myself about 10 l.b.s up from the 14 l.b.s I had lost on the Whole 30. I was in a place of wanting an aggressive weight loss and couldn't fathom starting from ground zero again. My mind shifted from "lifestyle eating" to diet eating. And it paid off. Now HCG is a pretty controversial diet and I want to emphasis the word "DIET". Because this not designed to be a way of eating but an adrenalin shot for your weight loss. It's quite complicated and up for debate but having done a 6 week round of HCG and about to embark on my 2nd round I can only say it has been extremely effective for me. However, unless you are at your wits end I would not recommend this way of weight loss as it is very restrictive and most people wont' stick with. Okay so with that said. HCG? It's Human Chorionic Gonodotropin, a hormone that pregnant women produce. It has a very in depth scientific reason but when non-pregant women and men (duh) are injected with HCG it unleashes stored calories in our fat for fuel. You can loose up to 2 lbs a day. Now you can purchase the drops or the injections. Yes you need to go to a Doctor or clinic to get the shots. I used this method and found it to be very powerful. The needle is small and feels like a small pin prick. I will tell you to do great research to get the best HCG as it makes a significant impact on weight loss and managing hunger during the protocol. During this diet your body uses the fat as fuel and you will not feel hungry except for the natural hunger pangs around lunch and dinner when you will need to eat anyway.

Most rounds of HCG are the minimum of 21 days (3 weeks) and upwards of 6 weeks. Being fed up with my Fupa I decided to do 6 week round of HCG for larger weight loss. I knew that this would be a very hard feat with my social lifestyle but I was determined. The results were good but not worth the 6 weeks. I lost a total of 22 l.b.s in 43 days. Not bad but I could of lost the typical 20 l.b.s in 21 days. My discipline wained once I past the 3 week mark and I started to do "miro-cheats" and this caused my weight loss stalled. So my advice is to do the 3 week round. You must take a minimum of 3 weeks off of HCG before you can do another round. So my job now has been to try and stay within a 2 lb weight range of my last weight on the HCG. It's been good, I have slipped up but I am pretty close to my last weight. Next up Round 2 on the HCG! Hoping for another solid 20 l.b drop putting my soooo close to my final goal weight. Which I am yet to reveal publicly because my husband does not know my weight and I want to keep it that way until I make it to my final destination. Gotta keep some mystery.

Please check out an amazing website for HCG information and support

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