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Whole 30? It's what again?

So I had a party at my pad and my friend Courtney showed up and brought her own food as they explained they were on the Whole 30. I thought soooo L.A. Funny but her food was actually this smokey pulled pork that was quite tasty. But that's beside the point. She was not eating any of my tasty treats or drinking any of my dranks. Really? So we did the "what detox are you on this week chat." She explained that Whole 30 is a 30 day detox that helps your body reset it's baseline in order to determine any potential allergies, dietary issues and oh you could loose weight. So I'm like let's go back to the weight loss part. You eat only whole foods without GMO or Soy or Dairy or Legumes/ beans or Cheese (which is dairy). What do you eat? Well sourced protein, tons of vegetables, good fats and minimal fruit. After tons of research and hearing loads of success stories I decided this would be a great kickstart to my new "lifestyle", ehemmm (you can't call it a diet anymore). I have to say it was a way to peel off some pounds. I lost 14lbs in 30 days. I bought a Whole 30 cookbook and never got tired of the food I made. Whole 30 is a typical precursor to a Paleo way of eating. I lost about 5 inches on my waist and felt like my skin was really glowy. For more information about the whole 30 check out these great blogs and my good friend Courtney who is a nutritionist and food blogger with an emphasis on whole 30 and Paleo eating with great tips and recipes!

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