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38 Pounds Down! Whaaaat?

So here I am actually more than half way to my goal weight. How did this happen after years of starting and stoping and restarting and stopping again. Well they call it a journey for a reason. I did kick start this motha with the Whole 30 , sugar and carb detox. You can check out the Whole 30 blog which really explains this beast of a tox. After the whole 30 July hit me which meant 3 Birthdays, 2 BBQ's and my 4 year wedding anniversary. In other words I gained back close to 10 lbs of the 14lbs I lost on the Whole 30. I went off the wagon hard and realized I didn't want to have to start from ground zero again. So I went on the HCG diet. You can check out the HCG diet blog as well. But now I am 2 weeks off the HCG diet within a 3 lb range of my weight loss. I can feel a bit un easy at parties and drinking alcohol because my inner "Fiesta" wants to come out and take over. So now I am in this place of trying to maintain this weight loss and practice restraint and rebuild the habits that keep my waist line in it's place. But the best part has been shopping in my own closet wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear in years.

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