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Wow- I looked that Good?

Okay so this is a pic of me when I was obviously younger but more importantly thinner, fitter and totally unaware of how HOT I WAS!!!! I have been really good at not dwelling on past pictures because I think that it can rob us of actually loving who and where we are today. I don't want live in the past. We age, we mature and it's all beautiful. Okay cut the crap. I looked URMMMAAZZIINNGG. Back in this picture I remember that I had just ran @ 8 miles a few days before and found out my weight during a Doctors visit. I looked at the scale in disgust. 150lbs???? I thought no way, I just ran 8 miles, I eat pretty good, I should be like 130lbs at least. I vowed to stop weighing myself at this point because I felt like I was doing everything to be in shape and the scale just bummed me out. You see in Hollywood I wasn't used to seeing girls with my body type and so I always compared myself to my 120- 110 pound roomates. Who even though they were gorgeous, looking back had no breasts or hips or botay. Now 10 years later I put on 65 lbs before I set out to loose weight. I realize now that my body is a happy and healthy one at 150 lbs. Although I know I won't be 23 years old anymore but I do know that I will be 150 lbs again and I will be grateful!

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