" From Thin to Fat and Back Again!"

Hi I'm Kara and this is me 65 Lbs lighter and 10 years younger.  But we'll get to that later. I am a stand-up comedian, Singer and EATER, which brings us here. I'm on a weight loss journey, blah, blah etc. So if you need some inspiration, entertainment or some LOW CARB recipes then you came to right place.


Cauliflower mashed potatoes

"Well I had it coming.

It was time to really loose weight

but I knew it wouldn't stick if

I couldn't eat the foods I loved.

So I became relentless in finding comfort foods without the carbs."

October 19, 2016

Wow. More than half-way to my weight loss goal. Numbers will stayed concealed until I have made it to my "final destination",ha.  I am excited to celebrate yet not get on a "high horse" about any one specific diet or size. Can't stand Nutrition snobs etc. As mentioned...

September 29, 2016

Okay so I finished the Whole 30, felt great and then the celebrations started rolling in. I went off the wagon hard and found myself about 10 l.b.s  up from the 14 l.b.s I had lost on the Whole 30.  I was in a place of wanting an aggressive weight loss and couldn't fat...

September 29, 2016

So I had a party at my pad and my friend Courtney showed up and brought her own food as they explained they were on the Whole 30. I thought soooo L.A. Funny but her food was actually this smokey pulled pork that was quite tasty. But that's beside the point. She was not...